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Accredited Kennel Club Judges

Glen-Craig Canine Club – Accredited Judges

We are Kennel Club accredited judges and qualified to give seminars on judging and also able to issue KC Challenge Certificates. We have worked with many top dogs in Northern Ireland and across the whole of the UK. 

As accredited judges we follow the code of practice for judges along with the Kennel Club regulations. Our overall aim and objectives being to reward healthy dogs and to provide value for the training, effort, time and money which exhibitors and competitors puts into presenting their dog.

Requirements of a Kennel Club Judge

The Kennel Club requires certain requirements to have been achieved prior to a person being nominated to award Challenge Certificates for the first time, Aspiring judges are required to:

• Attend a Seminar on the Requirements of a Dog Show Judge focusing on Kennel Club Regulations and Judging Procedures and pass an exam delivered by an approved Kennel Club Accredited Trainer for Regulations and Judging Procedures

• Good Citizen Scheme Assessors of Judges